Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pump House Diagram

Ground Source Heat Pumps draw upon heat energy stored in the ground to efficiently heat your home and hot water. More:

Air Source Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Ecodan 14kw Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump is able to extract heat energy from the outside air to heat your property and hot water, at air temperatures as low as -25C. More:

Biomass Boiler

Okofen PES Biomass Pellet Boiler

Biomass Boilers burn wood chip, pellets or logs from sustainable sources. They provide automated, efficient and low carbon heating. More


Solar Photovoltaic

All black in roof solar panel systems

A Solar PV System converts sunlight into electricity. It is a cost effective and clean method of producing a versatile energy source. More:

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal evacuated tube collector panels for domestic installations

By harnessing the sun's energy, a solar thermal system produces hot water year round to supply the home or swimming pool. More:

Smart Energy

Solar Battery Storage & Backup

Solar PV battery storage and backup  systems tesla powerwall 2 and LG Chem Resu

Battery Storage and Backup systems such as the Tesla Powerwall 2 and LG Resu enable owners to store excess solar generation for use at night. More:

Solar Immersion Heaters

Solar immersion heat control units

An immersion control unit diverts excess power from solar panels or wind turbines to heat hot water cylinders with free electricity. More: